A student makes a mistake while writing in pencil on a test.  Unfortunately, his pencil does not seem to have an eraser.  He raises his hand and asks, “Mister Karabekian, do you have any rubbers?”


9 thoughts on “ERASER!

  1. A “rubber” in the Queen’s English is, in fact, an eraser. It is humorous to an American’s ear though as you all hear “condom” instead!

    • I’m Irish, born in Belfast, but grew up near London. So I’ve given a lot of these silly words to my girls… what’s funny is that my oldest said that same thing (I need a rubber!) in one of her classes one day (she was 7 at that time) and was laughed at. She came home asking for her mother to teach her “proper” English. I couldn’t help it and blurted out “That is proper English!” Needless to say I help with the math homework and my American wife teaches English. Ironic (to me).

      On the same topic, she told a waitress that she wanted a Cain and Abel last week (now at age 9). Probably a good idea that I don’t teach English to her… (Cain and Abel is Cockney-slang for table)…

      I just hope she’s never heard me swear…

  2. ‘Rubber’ is a term for erasers in Ireland, UK, and Canada.

    ‘Just wanted to repeat what 7 people already said in case it wasn’t clear ;)

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