Please, please, please let me, let me get a retake this time.

Not a particularly funny story, but it angers me every time it happens, so I figured I’d share.  Many times, students try to cheat on tests and quizzes.  I like to think I catch a vast majority of them attempting to do so.  Most of the students I catch accept their fate, admit defeat.  Every once in a while I get the bold ones who, despite having just been caught cheating, ask me if they can have a retake of the test.  One time, I even had a girl bawl and say that the only reason she cheated was because she didn’t have a chance to study because she spent the night in the hospital with her dying father.  I called her home, her father answered.  He was in good health.  She was, presumably, not in as good health upon arriving home.


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