Too little, too dumb.

I had a student who did almost nothing at all in my class all year.  Come final exams, his OVERALL grade in my class was a 3% (I didn’t think that was even possible…that’s a THREE, no typo).  Right before the final, he asked me:


“Mister Karabekian, I saw my grade last night…if I get a ‘C’ on this test, will I have an ‘A’ in your class?”



1. Current grade: 3%

2. Final Exam: 70-79%

3. ???

4. Overall grade: 90-100%?


(I also love his “shoot for the stars” attitude of ‘if I get a ‘C’!  Kid was shooting for the ceiling…or maybe even the door frame.)


2 thoughts on “Too little, too dumb.

  1. This is an amazing question. I love this website. I worked as a lifeguard for over a decade at the beach, and although the grammar was a little better, these silly questions bring back the funniest memories.

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