It might have something to do with the Large Hadron Collider

EVERY DAY at least one student in each class asks me,

“Mister Karabekian, at what time does this class end?”


The problem is, we do not have block OR rotating schedules, so their classes always end at the same time each day.  Am I seriously dealing with students who cannot remember simple things from one day to the next?


Based on these other related questions I often receive, yes, indeed I am:


“Mister Karabekian, how much minutes is left?”

“Mister Karabekian, how many times left?”

“Mister Karabekian, how long ’til class end?”

“Mister Karabekian, when the bell?”

…and so on.

(These are all students who use English as their primary, and often only language.)


10 thoughts on “It might have something to do with the Large Hadron Collider

  1. As these students’ teacher you should probably spend more time researching methods of teaching rather than making fun of them on the internet. This is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen. If my child was in your class I would be sure you lost your job at the very least!!! These poor children. Family time is something many children don’t see enough of and parents are seriously lacking responsibility for their childrens education. The lack of intelligence the kids are showing is frightening, but it is YOUR JOB to teach them…JUDGEMENT ASIDE!!!!!

    • Thank you for your comment. As I mentioned in a reply to another comment, I actually try my best everyday to teach my students and I am very much involved in constant contact with the parents who show an interest in the education of their children. Over 90% of my students have shown gains in their state standard assessments after only six months in my class, so I must be doing something right. I do my absolute best to teach vocabulary, grammar, reading comprehension, writing, and so on to my students. I know of no methods by which I could teach common sense, as that is something that needs to be instilled from a much younger age. I appreciate your concern for the students, but please understand that I mean no harm to them, and I always do my best to teach them what I am meant to teach them. I am their teacher, not their parent.

      • I agree with *middleschoolproverbs* that it is truly the PARENTS who should be the primary teachers of commons sense (however, too many of the people bearing children are a) themselves children and b) have no common sense either).

        I see this site as a safe and softly humorous way to blow off a little steam and to share with the rest of the world a taste of what the teachers of today are facing minute-by-minute in their classrooms – not the violence, not the hatred/bigotry, but the result of the sheer lack of parental involvement in teaching some of these kids the basics before they enter elementary school.

      • Do you happen to work in an urban school? As a High School English Teacher, I can’t help but recognize similar sentence constructions in my students from Chicago and New York. Liguistically speaking,

  2. I don’t know how you teach them but I know that you care enough. Enough that what you’re posting isn’t slanderous or racist or malicious. You’re just stating facts. Keep up the good work. You people, even though I am enjoying these posts in a very humorous way, need to know that these problems exist. It makes you feel empathetic toward these individuals. These are the future decision makers of our country and they’re the ones that are going to be doing so with their votes. So please keep teaching them and keep updates on their progress. Maybe you could post a good thing here or there too. That could help balance the scales a little for the obvious extremist/over-politically-correct personalities that may peruse through your site.

    • Thank you for your comment. I like your idea of posting good things when they happen, and I will start doing that as soon as the opportunity arises! A lot of these funny ones are from years ago, when I would just write them down and save them for later, but from now on I will do the same with the good things that happen. Thanks again!

      • LOL! “when the opportunity arises”!

        Clearly, there haven’t been any opportunities up to now.

        I love your sense of humour!

  3. I just found your website, and as a teacher and the off-spring of a teacher, can relate. My students in Japan think teachers make tons of money, so I tell them to go to the parking lot to see who has the most expensive cars. (Administration and students). Teachers have so little space to blow off steam, to relate the odd things students do or say. (In Japan, there are cameras in the university classrooms & teachers’ lunch room–who are they watching? The students sleeping or putting on make-up? Or the teachers trying to teach people who have just put in a 12 hour shift at their part-time job.) If 90% of your students show gains, that is a miracle of teaching and your should be proud.

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