Keep that kid 50 feet away from the playground.

Students were writing an essay somehow related to dealing with smaller children. (Unfortunately, I don’t remember the specific details of the assignment, but it involved taking care of younger children for one reason or another.)


A student needed help with a word and asked the following question:

“Mister Karabekian, what do you call the kind of voice you use when you’re speaking to a baby?”

(Let’s disregard the fact that the term he was looking for was ‘baby-talk’.)


Before I could respond, another student shot up with this response:



5 thoughts on “Keep that kid 50 feet away from the playground.

      • I know what you mean, that is how my teachers are (High school and the teachers I had in Middle School). Most people I know never seem to use common sense, or never stop talking. In my English class, there is a boy who constantly talks. He is admonished repeatedly only saying “I’m sorry, I’ll stop”. My teacher then replies “If you were really sorry, you wouldn’t be talking in the first place”. He is once again talking 5 minutes later.

  1. I have to say that that’s just…well, it’s scary, but funny at the same time. Oh Goodness, sometimes I can’t help but wonder where they come up with these things!

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