I just…I really want to!

Students were to answer questions 1-9 in their textbook.  I meant to tell them to skip number six (they hadn’t read the story that the question required), but it slipped my mind and I forgot to write it on the board.  When the first student got to number six, this exchange occurred:


Student: “Mister Karabekian, I can’t do number six.”

Me: “Oh, right, I forgot.  You guys can skip number six.”

Student: “How?  I can’t do it, we never read that other story!”

Me: “I know, that’s why I’m telling you to skip the question.”

Student: “I can’t!”



5 thoughts on “I just…I really want to!

    • They aren’t dummies, but they could definitely use some more common sense. They could also benefit from a bit of brain activity prior to vocal activity. Anyway, they are middle school students, so between ten and fourteen years old.

  1. Ok so I just got done reading your entire blog. THANK YOU! btw I saw you mentioned you had a twitter. Mind posting it? Would love to follow ya! @RealBlackWidow

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