Order of Operations.

Class began at 8:15.  The assignment for the day was to read a story and then answer the questions.  At 8:20, I saw a student already answering questions.  Since the story was about fifteen pages long (large textbook pages) and this student wasn’t the sharpest tool in the already incredibly-dull-tool-box, I knew treachery was afoot.


I told the student: “Make sure you read the story before answering the questions”

The student asked: “What story?”

I replied: “The story that you’re trying to answer questions about.”

Then he asked, confused: “We s’pose to read it first?”


(NOTE: the board did, in fact, say the following:

Assignment: READ “Story Title” on page ###, then answer questions 1-10 on page ###)


2 thoughts on “Order of Operations.

  1. While I find this humorous, at the same time it is very disturbing. After reading many of your posts I’m left somewhat speechless. Wow!

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