The problem with parenting today.

One of my students was being egregiously disrespectful, so I let him know that if he continued to behave that way, he would be suspended.  This was his comment:


“Sounds good, another day off.”


I let him know that while suspended he would receive a grade of ‘zero’ on any and all assigned work.  He said he didn’t care because he wasn’t going to do the work anyway, even if he were in school that day.


Another student asked him what he was planning on doing with his life, since it looked like he was going to try seventh grade for the third time the following year (Note: he had a 4% in my class at this point).  He replied:

“I just gonna take my parents money, they rich.  That way, I ain’t have to do no school or college, I just gonna hang out with they money for the rest of my life.”


10 thoughts on “The problem with parenting today.

  1. This is sad… but I’ve also heard students say essentially the same thing. They seem to think that the world will take care of them. I didn’t laugh… but it points out the frustration that many teachers have.

  2. A 4%? And I read your post about the student with the 3%–have we sunk so low?

    By the way, if you’re so inclined, you can borrow this:

    I was in grad school, preparing to teach freshman composition, and observing a senior teacher as part of this. I was so shocked at some of these students’ abysmal papers that I asked how some of them even got to college. She looked me in the eye and said,


  3. Simply depressing. I work in healthcare and once asked a 12 yr old patient- “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Her response- “I want to be a teenager forever!” Me- “What about having a career and earning money to do fun stuff and pay bills?” 12 yr old- “I don’t care about that. I just want to sit around and do nothing all day like my mom!” These kids are the future…

  4. If I were involved in this conversation, the final line of the post would read:

    “…and now I have to appear in court on Monday, because I punched him in the face.”

  5. I went back to college for a certificate I had to take a remedial math class because it had been a while. No big deal. It was very beneficial later on. I met one girl there and found out this was the 4th time she had taken this class. She’d failed three other times. How did she expect to graduate?! She didn’t do the homework and didn’t show up for tests. I just don’t even understand people like that… It was such an easy A.

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