As the days go by…

I am guilty of sometimes making sarcastic comments to my students.  I admit it isn’t the best practice, but sometimes I just can’t help it.  Sometimes the students get it, and they share a laugh then get back to work.  Other times, it becomes a disaster.  This happened one day in my class:


Student: “Mister Karabekian, today is Monday?”

Me: “It has been all day”

Student: “Wait, oh no…so now it is Tuesday?”


3 thoughts on “As the days go by…

  1. I’m BAD about making sarcastic statements to students, to the point where I’ve had to tone it down because so many of them fly over their heads. It’s only funny, IMO, if we’re all in on the joke. But one time, I just couldn’t resist myself.

    There is a terrible, TERRIBLE rapper by the name of Nicki Minaj; I personally blame her for…well, everything that’s wrong with this world. Even global warming can be blamed on the amount of plastic in her fake @ss. Anyway, the 8th grade girls had a bad habit of running around saying this line over and over: “I just had an epiphany/I need to go to Tiffany’s.” (You’ll need to YouTube it to really understand why I weep for the future.) When I finally couldn’t stand it anymore, I asked them if they knew was an epiphany was. Dead silence. Then I asked them if any of them could spell it. Again, silence. Finally, one of them said that an epiphany was a sandwich.

    “I’m sorry…what?”
    “Yeah, a sandwich. And she needs to go to her friend Tiffany’s so she can get her sandwich.”

    Hey, at least she tried. I had to explain to them that an epiphany was a sudden realization. For example, I just had an epiphany that they need to go to English class. Not that it’ll matter much – if one more teacher ends a sentence with “at”, I’ll scream!

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