One of your friends that lives under the sea, of course.

I overheard this conversation in the hallway while walking to the copy room:


Student 1: “No way, I heard she had to skip ’cause her water broke.”

Student 2: “For real?!  That’s crazy.”

Student 3: “Wait, what’s a water bro?”


7 thoughts on “One of your friends that lives under the sea, of course.

  1. As a fellow teacher (biology 10-12) I hear things like this all the time, I could do a site like this just on the evolution chapter alone.

    P.S I teach in a southern state :)

    • If I may ask… do you have to teach the “Creation” theory? If so, how do you handle that?

      I ask mainly because I’ve taught biology and ecology at the collegiate level and have heard a lot of students (in the past 2-3 years) talking about creationism as a serious scientific topic. It hurts my heart to hear it…

  2. I’m a college student right now, but I remember when my high school teacher attempted to teach us evolution. It turned into a class debate about religion. The whole class day was wasted and I didn’t become interested enough to learn about evolution until recently.
    That said, I’ve really enjoyed the blog : ) some pretty funny stories as long as you don’t think about them too long. Then you just start feeling sad.

  3. woow i remember one day in class instead of going by the lessons plans the teacher taugh us a lessons on how teachers can hear everything in the halls

  4. I love your website! Actually, I’m a middle schooler (<— I know that's spelled wrong by the way) myself. One day, I went on facebook. I read my friends post, her older brother's friend had commented "do you kids even try to spell right?". Her reply? "Wat du yuo meen im not a goud speler?" Oh my.

    • Ugh, I hate few things more than the way students write to each other. I’ve found a few notes over the years, and the senseless inclusion of numbers inside standard words is just baffling. Also, abbreviating two or three letter words is always funny to me.

      Thanks for your post! You seem like the kind of middle school student who (fortunately) would never make it onto this website!

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