It’s genetic.

One of my worst (academically) students showed me his report card.  The highest grade he had in ANY class was a 27% (including a 19% in my class).  He told me:


“My mom got me a Xbox cause my report card so good.”


8 thoughts on “It’s genetic.

  1. Unbelievable. I had a student whose father bought her a laptop after straight F’s on her report card. Some parents just do NOT get it.

  2. That is absolutely horrifying. My mother in law’s a teacher and she had a student demand more time on a three month long project because he was up all night playing HALO. He actually told her that! She said no, and gave him a zero. When she told me that I bought her a beer.

  3. This whole blog rather exemplifies why I will never be a school teacher. But this post in specific rather sums it up.

    You all have my unending sympathy, and good wishes for less… terrifying students in the future.

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