Working Community.

If you are a teacher or know of any great stories about students exhibiting hilarious/frightening lacks of common sense, please send them my way.  I would be glad to post some of the stories a few of you have posted in the comments.  Thanks!


11 thoughts on “Working Community.

  1. In my math class we were talking about Scientific Notation and I mentioned that the speed of light was written as Scientific Notation because the speed of light was such a large number. A male student raised he hand and said, “Mr. Fields, what’s the speed of dark?”

  2. We were classifying animals as carnivores and herbivores, after much instruction. A student of mine was struggling to classify a fish, so I prompted her to think of what you would put on a fish hook to catch a fish. After some thought, she replied, “a fishstick?” And was totally serious.

  3. A fellow student of mine got a D on her test, while her best friend had a C. She complained to the teacher: “That’s not possible! I copied her exactly!”

    After reading a text about euthanasia in Nazi Germany, a student is asked to summarize it. His understanding: “There were a lot of people who suffered from euthanasia, so they had to die.”

    • Channi:

      My mentor told me a story from her days as an English teacher about how one kid with terrible handwriting wrote on a test that Hercules was a Greek. Magically, eight other students wrote on their test papers that Hercules was a geek.

      I would love to know how many of us have good cheating stories!

      • I saw so many of those when I was a student-t.a. with my high school English teacher. Once I had six papers with the ‘same’ answers on them, but each was changed a little because of a misread and bad handwriting so that it was ridiculously easy to line them up in the order they were done, more or less.

  4. I suppose it’s maybe unfair, considering this is from an EFL environment, but still makes me chuckle….

    From one of last week’s dictations:

    Student wrote: Dude can ride hoses.

    I spoke: They can ride horses.

    …there’s more where that came from! If they only knew, (these are elementary school-aged kids) how much more of a kick they could get from English class…!

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