Language Barrier.

We were going to read a poem in class which was originally written in Spanish and later translated into English.  The paper I handed out to the students had the original Spanish poem on the top of the page and the English translation on the bottom.  One student was quite confused:


Student: “Mister Karabekian, this poem is in Spanish.”

Me: “Yes, but it is also in English there at the bottom of the same page.”

Student: “But I can’t read Spanish.”

Me: “That’s okay, read it in English instead.”

Student: “Where? I don’t speak Spanish.”



4 thoughts on “Language Barrier.

  1. I have taught 8th grade for 12 years and I just came across this website. What a great idea to write these down! Each and every time my students open their mouths I have to laugh. This past week I had a student ask me “Mrs. Martinez, do you have a birthday this year?”. I seriously looked him right in the face and said “Nope, not this year!”. The kids who had a brain burst out laughing, but this guy and his “homies”, not so much! Keep up the good work.

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