A for clever, F for wrong.

On a pop quiz referring to notes from the previous class, students were asked for the plural form of the word “runner-up”.


One of my students answered, “second-place”


3 thoughts on “A for clever, F for wrong.

  1. After a hard day in the trenches of miscommunication between students who barely can write in their own native language, it is fun to find miscommunication in my home country on Middle School Proverbs. Yet, in a very similar way. Is it the generation thing, too much time playing games or something completely different? I am passing this site on to 1,230 foreign teachers in Japan.

    • Being a sophomore in high school, I’m still amazed at the stupidity of some of my fellow classmates. And, I love your blog. But, I do agree with the comment above, it’s most definitely a generational problem.

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