Logical Fallacy.

My students were supposed to write a play which took place at the same time and in close proximity to an important historical event.  So for example they could write a play with characters who were in the theater when Lincoln was shot.  I told the students they had to create a minimum of three characters.  One of my students looked confused and raised her hand.  Then, the following tragedy occurred:


Student: “Mister Karabekian, I don’t get it, how many characters do we have?”

Me: “You need to have at least three, but you can have as many as you realistically can handle.”

Student: “Wait, what?  Three characters?  How?”

Me: “As you’re writing your play, have three different characters talking and moving around, interacting with each other and so on.”

Student: “How?  How can I write about three characters when I am only one person?  I don’t know how anyone can do that!”


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