Nothing about your sentence sounds right.

I absolutely love it when my students try to outsmart me and fail miserably.  Here is something that happened once in my classroom during a test:


Student: “Mister Karabekian, you know that day I skipped your class?” (I caught him)

Me: “I remember.”

Student: “I ain’t never got the notes from that day like you said.  So, I don’t got the answers for numbers 17-19.”

Me: “That sounds a lot like your fault.”

Student: “Nah, you said since I wasn’t in class you would just give me the answers on the test day.”

Me: “Strange, that doesn’t sound at all like something I would say.”

Student: “You did!  I swear!  I remember exactly what you said, you said: ‘You ain’t need to worry, when the test day come I’mma give you them answers.'”


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