For homework, please define ‘audacity’.

Had this exchange with a student a few days ago:


Me: “Alright, so your midterm is two weeks from this coming Tuesday.”

Student: “Mister Karabekian, I heard we ain’t gonna have no midterms this year.”

Me: “Where did you hear that from?”

Student: “The principal been said that ya’ll ain’t allowed to give no midterms.”

Me: “Hm, well I guess I’m going to have to break the rules just this once so that you guys can take the test.”

Student: “Nah, nah, Karabekian, you ain’t can do that, the principal said.”

Me: “She told you that personally?  That there would be no midterms throughout the school?”

Student: “Yeah, that what she told me, so we ain’t having it then, right?”

Me: “We’ll see, I’m going to call her right now and ask her if she told you that, maybe you’re confused.”

Student: “Nah, nah, if you don’t believe me then whatever, I’ll just take the damn midterm.”

Me: “Or I could just give you a zero so you don’t have to take it, I would hate to bother you.”


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