From my lovely readers.

A few stories from some of my readers.

I really appreciate everyone who sends me emails and provides me with stories!  I’m glad to know I’m not alone.



Emily shares two stories with us:

Student: I don’t understand how people can live in the Southern Hemisphere… wouldn’t you just fall off?
Me: Gravity keeps us on Earth, and it works the same way in the Southern Hemisphere.
Student: But they are upside down… wouldn’t their hair at least stick straight up all the time?
Me: No, because gravity is always pulling towards the center of the Earth.
Student: So, when airplanes fly over the equator… does the plane have to flip in mid air? If it didn’t, wouldn’t they be flying upside down?
Me: no…. *facepalm
Student: Wait… it is summer now? (It was December)
Me: No,,,
Student: What season is it?
Me: It’s fall. The first day of winter is December 21st.
Student: So it’s summer? We get snow in summer, right?
Me: No, it is fall. Towards the end of fall we get weather that feels like winter.
Student: So it snows in winter?
Sarah shares this story with us:
One student asked what a ‘human race’ was. Once we explained that it wasn’t a running race, but meant all the people, his eyes got wide and he said:

“Help the human race? That’s a big job- there’s a LOT of people.”

Oh, 5-year-old honesty.

And finally, Heather gives us this story, which I could see happening any day in the hallways of my school as well:
Overheard in the hall:

Teacher: How many second chances do you think you get?

Student (without missing a beat, said declaratively): Three.




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