From Fellow Teachers…

A few more stories from my readers: (feel free to send me some at )

Kim shares this exchange with us:

Teacher: They could sell it for a ton of money; they’re sitting on a gold mine over there.
Student: Can’t they just mine the gold and still keep the farm running over top of it?


Marcia tells us about sunburn:

Me: “Another type of electromagnetic radiation is ultra-violet radiation.”
Student: “Mrs. Hamm, don’t you mean ultra-VIOLENT radiation?”
Me: “No, I mean ultra-violet, like ultra-‘purple‘”
Student: “Ultra-Purple?? Wha…?!? I’m sure it’s ultra-VIOLENT, Mrs. Hamm”
Me: “I’m very sorry, but it’s ultra-violet.”
Student: “But it’s ultra-VIOLENT, because it gives us sunburns!”
Me: “That would make sense….but no….”
and finally, Miss Mason depresses us all with this one:
“Miss Mason, if you look down from a spaceship at the Earth, are all the countries labeled like they are on the globe?”

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