In Living Color.

A student asked me if, in the 1930s, when the book they are reading is set, the world was in color.  I didn’t quite understand her question.  She clarified that she saw the movie version of the book, and everything was black and white.  Is that how the world was then, and when did humans start being able to see in color?


This sounds made up, I know…I couldn’t believe it either.


5 thoughts on “In Living Color.

  1. This, honestly, has got to be the most amazing one from your students! You know, I have come across people like that, some of whom are actually lawyers (which I am one too). I just can’t believe what these people are fed on every morning.

  2. When I was little (read: under the age of 5), I thought the world was in black and white until the Wizard of Oz came out. Cameras film what they see, so it only made sense at that time.

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