Middle School Proverbs.

I teach Middle School English and as anyone knows, Middle School students can be tough to handle!  Sometimes they say things that help me get through the day.  Share a laugh with me as I chronicle the best things I hear throughout my days in Middle School.


10 thoughts on “Middle School Proverbs.

  1. You are a great writer and I will enjoy reading your updates.

    As a word of caution, do not let the district discover this blog. I have heard of teachers losing their jobs over creating blogs about their classroom.

    • I’ve tried my best to not have any distinguishing characteristics in this blog so that it would be quite difficult to figure out who created it. Hopefully I’ve done a decent enough job. Thank you for the word of caution and for reading my blog, I truly appreciate it.

  2. I am a high school student (not one like any of your middle school “characters”) and I have to say, your website voices all of the, ahem, “amusing” things I’ve noticed about my peers. I have read every post you have so far, and will continue to read any new posts.

  3. I am deeply saddened that these are the future voters, taxpayers, possible employers and leaders and contributors to our American society. I think I would be depressed to deal with this kind of scenario on a daily basis. This makes for an interesting study in not only the plight of teachers, but the plight of America’s future: complacent, illiterate, and unable or willing to speak their own native tongue. Yet I beg of you to not give up.

  4. I’ve read almost all the posts on here, and I believe that simply poking fun at the students does you some good, and perhaps provides a laugh to some teachers who sympathize with you, and to some people who agree that these children are under-educated.

    But WHY are they under-educated? What is wrong with “the system”? Is it parents? Is it the kids? Is it your school district? Are the teachers unmotivated? We have no idea where you’re coming from other than telling us of your students’ malapropisms, silly pronouncements, and attempts to cheat or take shortcuts. The girl who asked if “going ice skating” is a time of the year was a dim bulb…But rather than make fun of her, why don’t you answer her? That’s your job! If the kid’s slow, making fun of her in a public place is just wrong. She might see it some day. Consider a change of format in which you eliminate all commentary (your opinion of the kid-of-the-moment’s intelligence, or lack of common sense, for example), and just make this about misunderestimations. :) Just a suggestion.

  5. As an aspiring Teacher, I give you props for sticking in there with such challenging students. While each of them has individual personalities, most of which I would definitely amusing, it has to be disheartening to see that so many educators passed these children onto you without the essential skills necessary to pass such trivial tasks. I applaud you in what obviously must be an extremely effective outlet to what I can only assume to be a frustrating situation.

  6. This site had me laughing aloud and shaking my head. I admire you for the work you do and hope you keep posting!

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